Unique Approach To Palm Oil Production

Our approach is specific to the recent history of palm oil production in West Africa, and the interest of good governments in pursuing sustainable and best practices development with qualified parties for projects within their borders. In our operations we intend to bring the lessons learned in other parts of the world such as Malaysia, Indonesia, other parts of Africa, and beyond. As well, Eximco LLC believes that we have the potential to create a minimum of 1 full-time job per 5 hectares planted in the palm oil chain in accordance with the principals outlined below:

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1. We seek to maximize the entire PO production chain including downstream elements to the greatest benefit of the enterprise and its local community with the least amount of degradation to the environment. In short, we intend to conduct a sustainable enterprise that is compliant as a Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) operation according to the recommendations of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) at a minimum. Where those requirements can or must be exceeded, we will do so to the fullest extent.

2. Eximco LLC will take into consideration the results of past and current involvement in palm oil investment and development in West Africa. It is of critical importance to us that best case practices are implemented not only for the benefit of our operations, but also to ensure good and positive relationships in the communities where we operate and with whom we impact.

3. In that regard, Eximco LLC considers the full PO process and downstream integrations. Our intent is to understand lackluster performers along with the best of class, and to incorporate those lessons into a successful, uniquely African ventures.

4. Employment opportunities figure prominently in our PO plans particularly on the actual plantation, but as stated, for the full PO chain. We also hold the view that employment of women in the work force is integral to success. We seek relationships with governmental and regional agencies that will help to secure our employment and training strategy.

5. A Community Development Initiative: Eximco seeks to align a percentage of revenue and other funding strategies with development programs in the communities where we operate. With government and community guidance, our goal is to upgrade and improve the daily lives of the local inhabitants, many of whom may be employed by the operations. Where we can build facilities such as schools, community centers, medical/ dental clinics – we will engage fully.

6. Eximco LLC will deploy a synergistic waste strategy where waste and by-products derived from PO production are to be re-purposed. We will investigate the best practices use of these remains for waste to energy, fiber/paper, feed stocks, and compost material further reducing our environmental footprint. We will pursue a Carbon Markets strategy for the components of the waste and carbon reduction schemes. This strategy falls under the Program of Activities (PoA) designation of the Clean Development Mechanism. PoA’s were designed to cover a wide range of carbon reduction activities and are well suited in this approach.

7. Marketing of the PO product and methods of production is something that Eximco LLC does not want to overlook. The CSPO aspects of our projects should be known to the market at large. The latest CSPO Scorecard tells us that the up-takers of PO are still showing resistance to sourcing the certified product. Perhaps half of those companies that have signed on to do so, have done so. Highlighting the business and environmental benefits of CSPO practices is an area we hope to speak to with a noticeable voice, and perhaps in partnership with a CSPO up-taker as part of their dedicated supply chain.

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